PhD Thesis Proofreading

Proofreading a PhD thesis is not a cakewalk, as it may seem. It takes a keen pair of eyes to point out tiny mistakes that are more than often ignored/skipped. Being an academic writer, you may not see those mistakes as soon as you write that thesis, but if you look at it after a long time with a fresh mind, you would be surprised with the little mistakes you would have done. A professional proofreader will see the minor mistakes of your PhD thesis, only to provide the best to be approved by the supervisor.

What Proofreading is for Regent Editing

Proofreading is not about noticing the flow of the thesis or checking if the chapters are in sync with each other; which is a part of our editing services. It is about applying our professional language skills to screen through the research document to check the language, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Proofreading service deems useful for research scholars who are running out of time, want external help to share workload and devote time to prepare for defence sessions, and lack an eye for detail, especially the non-native speakers of english language.


Proofreading is done in suggestive/track changes mode.


Detailed screening of entire document (footnotes, charts, tables, citations, etc.)

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Ignorance is risky, so we opt for these key inclusions under thesis proofreading

  • Language
  • Grammar
  • Spell-check and typo errors
  • Spacing and punctuation

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