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With the famous quote telling you to never judge a book by its cover, every reader still unconsciously tends to do that. A book indeed starts the conversation through its cover, so the cover ought to be appealing, and out-of-the-box. The cover of the book should put everything on display for the reader to get know what is in store for him. It must be exciting for him to take the decision to buy, other than being attractive, informative, creative, well-formatted, theme-oriented and the like.

What do our designers offer you?

We help you design the cover and the layout of the book. Our graphic designers hold years of experience in designing endless book covers which has helped us carve a niche among leading book service providers. The cover is designed keeping in mind the what lies inside, and the target audience it aims to impact.

We understand that the book authors are not designers, and may not be creative enough to design and include all the details of their research. Thereupon, our team comes into picture and serves as your guides through the process. Each cover page is designed to showcase the humongous research that is intended to be delivered across audience groups. The cover has the power to market the book itself beyond any other marketing technique applied for promotion.

How do you know that you are ready to avail this service?

When to reach out to us for getting your cover page designed?

  • When your research is completed.
  • When the editing and proofreading of the manuscript is done.
  • When the book is ready to be in the market with the right information.

We have a team of creative designers to help you design the layout of your book. We ensure that the book is not just another ordinary book displayed in book shelves across the market. Special emphasis is laid on ensuring that the book cover page does not mislead the readers with an attractive, but out of context picture in display. The cover of your research book should speak about the research topic, and allow the reader to buy it on the basis of the element it will add in the reader’s research.

Give your book a perfect face that it deserves with Regent Editing!

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