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Find more readers, engage the audience, and learn the skills to sell your book like professional authors. While no one is more qualified than you to know your book, but to ensure that you reach out the masses, you probably need expert sales and marketing efforts. We, at Regent Editing, will guide you through your sales and marketing journey to improve upon your sales. Whether it is publicising on social media or adopting the traditional approach of marketing, our team of experts excels in all.

Not sure how to market your book to customers? We have got it all covered for you!

Marketing in the literary sphere, is not focused on the business-to-business sector; rather it is about business-to-customers. With a shift from B2B to B2C in the market, the authors have moved to provide the books to the readers directly and not through third party companies. Spurred mainly by online retailers and readers, people have started to purchase research books online to develop customer networks like never before.

Achieve an extra edge through our sales and marketing activities directed towards target audiences. Delivering up-to-date, market-oriented and customer-friendly marketing efforts is among our team’s main core competencies.

Greater controls

Selling your book directly to customers will generate greater control over the sales. While traditional retailers are limited by the items physically, our team pioneers in both active and passive book marketing campaigns.

Better customer connections

Selling the book directly to the customer or a researcher will help you build a connection. Building direct connections with your reader is one of the most beneficial factors for future sales.


Promote your book, the right way!

Our team helps in promoting and selling the published book to budding researchers, scholars, market researchers and anyone who is interested in reading the book. We use traditional marketing and selling techniques, and collaborate them with the new modern-day marketing regimes for reaching out loud and clear to the audiences. Our team combines the new and old ideas and fuses them to be incorporate in the overall marketing techniques.

We push your research books to the researchers and the readers who are keen in the domain and are interested in studying on the topic. Our team promotes the book online and gives you a greater control over its sales. We monitor the sales and keep a record of it to have a better look at the royalties.

How we work towards marketing and selling your book?

Our team of marketers represents your book across a broader online platform for the researchers to read its research work and know how it has contributed to the existing literature. We keep innovating with the online medium of sales and marketing to strategize on the activities.

Generate a new promotional idea

Use it to promote the book across markets

Analyse the sales of the books and their medium

Our creative minds at work use the most effective marketing technique to drive sales for your book. Considering the value of a research book, and how meaningful it will be to a scholar in his research work, we make sure that the book reaches to each scholar interested in the research domain.

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