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To publish a research book, the author has to move mountains, because either they do not find a good publication house for their academic research or they are charged heavily to get their manuscripts published. After the editing is done and the manuscript is ready to be published, we help you to with the printing of the manuscript, hardbound or softbound, black-white (grayscale) or colored, with an option of several book printing formats. Each book gets its own ISBN which becomes its unique identification number.

What do we do?

We help the researchers publish their research as a book to put their study in the market for the academicians, researchers and scholars to use for further reading.

We offer book publishing services to all kinds of users; academic, corporate, educators, and for all kinds of material;research papers, manuscripts, thesis and dissertations. The author retains all rights to content of the book and has his sole copyright on it.

What will your printed academic book have?

The manuscript-turned-academic book will have:

  • An ISBN number
  • Hard bound cover, or soft bound cover
  • Online availability of the book

We have helped thousand of researchers turn their academic research into a book. We provide royalties to the author and recognition with his research. The research-book will help the naive researchers in accomplishing their aspirations.

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