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Whether it is fiction or academic, book content must be flawlessly written, grammatically correct, with zero spell-error and perfectly toned. The author has to go through a rigorous screening of the entire document so as to ensure the information reaches the reader in the exact manner as intended. However, creating an academic book poses great challenges to the author requiring long hours spent reviewing and proofreading the entire content for any language errors.

What do we include while proofreading a manuscript?

Grammatical mistakes

Verb agreement correction

Punctuation errors

Spell-check and Typo errors

Why choose Regent Editing to proofread your academic book?

Turning your manuscript into a masterpiece gives you a personal voice to deal with the audience and the academic strata. With the idea of creating a book out of your research, you also need to be extra cautious and confident. Our professional book editors and proofreaders deal with manuscripts on a daily basis and have an eye for detail.

We give you the full ownership of the book, even though proofreading holds a lot of importance in publishing it.

  • We give you the full ownership of the book, even though proofreading holds a lot of importance in publishing it.
  • We have a team of professional academic proofreaders to give your manuscript a polished edge.
  • We do not miss the important points mentioned in your research to add in the book and re-check the manuscript, after scrutinising each and every section.
  • We increase the worthiness of your book by removing the grammatical errors and formatting the sentences of each chapter.
  • We proofread the manuscript all at once as well as in small sections, for you to check and confirm it.

Our team creates an individualised proofreading checklist to proofread the manuscript and flourish it. We help in converting the manuscript into a book for the researcher to publish it. Our team knows all the grammar and punctuation rules on their fingertip and brushes up on the grammar rules now and then; to never lose track of the rules and proofread the manuscript with ease.

A promise of high-quality service delivery

  • Assured quality work Flawless proofreading for 100% satisfaction
  • Quick turnarounds On-time delivery of projects
  • Security & confidentiality Data security and confidentiality clause
  • Multiple research domains Expert proofreaders with wide experience across subjects

Avail our heavy book editing service which includes every bit of research editing.

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