Book Heavy Editing

Book Heavy Editing

Every researcher has a love-hate relationship with the editing part of the academic document, whether it is editing a thesis, dissertation, or manuscript. The researchers hate to edit the manuscript of their research work because editing is tedious, time-consuming and frustrating. At the same time, they love the job because it outshines their manuscript and makes the tedious job worthy of it.

What we have to offer at Regent Editing

We edit the manuscript of your research to be easily accepted for publishing as a book. A perfectly edited book reaches out to a wider audience with easy comprehension. We focus on the grammar, sentence structure, logical flow of paragraphs/chapters, punctuation, spell-check, tense corrections. The editors at Regent Editing sync the flow of each paragraph and sentence of the written research and edit it according to high-end guidelines of academic books.

What do we focus on while editing the manuscript?

The particular points that we focus on while editing your manuscript

  • Grammar of the manuscript
  • Logical flow and structure of chapters
  • Citation format and writing style of manuscript
  • Spacing and indentation
  • Compliance to academic rules
  • Consistency in all illustrations and tables

Our team of editors edit the manuscript for your research book to help in its publishing process. We edit the research document in the track changes mode for the researcher to know, what are the edits that we have done in the manuscript. For any major change, we support it with a side comment explaining the same. The team is well experienced and is well equipped with detailed knowledge about the format of books to help you publish the manuscript smoothly.

Avail our heavy book editing service which includes every bit of research editing.

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